Cleaning in Packing Lines

The packaging cleaning lines are designed to ensure the required purity of the final product before it is packaged in consumer packaging. For maximum control over the product, an optical sorter is usually included as the final cleaning.

JK Machinery company is one of the most important Czech manufacturers of equipment for post-harvest crop processing.

It offers its customers and business partners::

  • unique knowledge and more than thirty years of experience in designing of optimal solution
  • own “Factory Test Facility” for determination and the guarantee of the final performance and parameters of the equipment to be supplied
  • structurally innovative, sophisticated and extremely simple machines
  • solutions for small farmers, organic and eco farmers, but also for large businesses and food businesses
  • individual deliveries from one piece of machine up to a complete turnkey solution
  • putting into operation and staff training
  • warranty and post-warranty customer service

Lines of other technologies

Lines according to processed crop

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VibroCompact Cleaners are very popular in packers for their unrivaled ease of cleaning with frequent changes in the processed crop?