JK Machinery

About Company

The JK Machinery a.s. has thirty years of experience in development and production of special equipment for agriculture and food industry. The main direction of business is equipment production, design and delivery of complete technology for cleaning, sorting, peeling and milling of agricultural products. The company is also engaged in designing and delivering specialized technology for Mills, Dehulling Plants, Oat Processing Plants, Breweries and other food processing plants.

JK Machinery produces and distributes grain cleaners for agricultural businesses already on three continents. Besides Europe, our technology of cleaning grain found successful application for example for seed production in South Africa, Zambia or grain cleaning in the harsh conditions the Russian Arctic. Innovative construction and sophisticated, yet for the operation and maintenance mostly very simple, device ensures processors of grain and other crops rapid return on investment. Customers also receive a highly effective and comprehensive solution for post-harvest process in their own businesses.


What We Offer

Own development capabilities and production plant are crucial for deliveries of complex technologies either for small family businesses or for large purchase enterprises or seed companies. JK Machinery equipment allows post-harvest process almost of all kind of cereals, oilseeds and legumes. Technology of cleaning, sorting and other processing of crops are designed according to customer requirements even for non-standard parameters of input material, where the use of other technologies is difficult or impossible.JK Machinery machines and equipment are developed using the latest software and their own production runs on CNC machines. The completion is assured by experienced specialists, matter of course is meticulous final inspection and operational tests before dispatch.

For the optimal results of proposed technological lines, the JK Machinery planners appropriately combine the physical principles of various machines, the addition of the most modern computer equipment also has an invaluable role of many years of personal experience in this area.

In addition to projects in agriculture and food industry, company has increasingly experience in other industries, such as recycling of industrial wastes. The specialists of JK Machinery are ready to implement innovative or non-standard customer requirements, incl. solutions ”turnkey”.


JK Machinery company is not focused solely on supply of equipment and technological systems, but also on long-term cooperation with its customers. The aim is to always find the optimal technical solution for the client and to help to ensure the smooth operation of the delivered technology. For our customers, aside modern technology, provide a comprehensive and complementary services:

  • Free consultation for the selection of optimal solutions
  • Assistance with the selection of equipment with regard to all technical requirements and climatic conditions of each company
  • Warranty and customer service
  • Professional staff training
  • Original spare parts and official dealer network
  • Installation of new lines and putting them into operation
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Do you also want to become our
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