All of us at JK Machinery are fully aware of our social responsibility. We help wherever there is a need, whether as individuals or as a company. To ensure that this support makes sense and is used where it is needed most, we have established the basic pillars of our sponsorship. We strive to ensure that our partnerships with the entities in question are long-term and that the organizations know they can count on our support on a regular basis. At the same time, we make it a priority to distribute our support among the differently focused entities and to spread it regionally across the country.
Our help is a thank you to all the individuals who work in these organisations and add invaluable value to our society. Thank you!

Supporting the activities of people with physical, mental and combined disabilities


Mr. Ivan Jůna, from Jindřichův Hradec, has been running the sports club Kapri since 2001, which is designed for people with physical, mental and combined disabilities, both congenital and after injuries. The predominant programme of SK KAPŘI is theoretical and practical swimming lessons for children and adults with physical disabilities. Teaching under the guidance of an experienced instructor is done with the help of volunteers. Swimming helps clients with disabilities to increase their physical and mental fitness, gives them new stimuli and also an unusual experience of friendship and teamwork. Swimming competitions for athletes with disabilities are regularly organised within the club. Among the most famous races is the “Vajgarský kapr” event.
Ivan Jůna, along with other volunteers, also co-organizes a popular summer camp for his charges.

Dignified care and access to people in the last moments of their lives


The end of life is a difficult but important time. Important for those who leave and for those who stay. We are doing our small part to make it as bearable and dignified as possible.
In the hospice, all its clients receive the necessary care throughout the day, family and visitors are warmly welcomed without restrictions, clients have access to the library, art workshops, and music. Everything is adapted to a day well lived.
Great respect belongs to all the people who participate in the functioning and operation of the hospice in Litoměřice. We appreciate you!

Education in the healthcare system

IKEM - Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine

The Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine (IKEM) is the largest specialised clinical and scientific research centre in the Czech Republic.
Thanks to the science of health care, the whole of humanity has made tremendous progress. At JK Machinery, we appreciate the work of the people at the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine. We believe that donation makes a difference. That is why every year we support the activities of the IKEM Specialist Education Centre for Organ Donation.

Leisure activities for children and youth



We realize that the future of the Earth depends on our children. However, not all children have equal starting opportunities. That’s why we will always support children in spending their free time in a meaningful way.Whether it is sports, culture or other interest groups and associations.