JHC 03

JHC 03

JHC Compact Dehullers

Compact Dehuller JHC is designed for cereals dehulling, such as spelt, einkorn wheat, oat, etc.

Machine separates cereal grain from husk by impact. Mixture comes out from integrated aspiration channel, where husks and other light impurities are aspirated by air. It is necessary to exhaust air from aspiration channel – using a central aspiration, mobile exhauster or separate fan with cyclone separator or filter.

For high efficient of dehulling it is recommended to include other machines in the line – JCC Cleaner VibroCompact, JGC Gravity Concentrator or JGT Gravity Table.

  • Small size and compact disposition
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy adjustment of hulling intensity
  • Dust-free operation

JHC Compact Dehuller is designed for hulling cereals, such as:

  • spelt
  • einkorn wheat, emmer wheat
  • oat

Technical data:
Machine type JHC 03
Performance t/h 0,3-1
Length mm 735
Width mm 570
Height (with stand) mm 1260 (2270)
Input Power kW 1,5
Weight, without stand kg 100