JHD 06

JHD 06

JHD Disc Dehullers

JHD Disc Dehullers are designed to separate grain husks, which aren´t fixed on kernel firmly. They are especially used to peel some small seeds such as millet and buckwheat.

Material for the peeling process must be very thoroughly cleaned, especially it has to be free of stones and metal particles that can damage hulling disc and the seeds must be sorted by size (calibrated).

Disc dehuller peeling seeds between static disc and rotating disc. Rotating disc is located in rolling bearings with high load bearing capacity. Static disk is vertically sliding. Approaching or moving away from the rotating disk, size of the peeling gap, i.e. gap between the two discs, changes. Rotor and stator surface varies depending on type of peeled material.Optimal setting of peeling gap between rotor and stator is based on grain size of material. Material has to be dosing into disk dehuller equally.

Permanent magnet needs to be set before this machine. To get the highest product quality and minimal damage of dehulled kernel, it is recommended to use calibrating sorter before peeling machine and aspiration channel at the end to remove husks, respectively another technology for sorting and cleaning dehulled material.

  • Robust construction of machine and location of rotaring disc
  • Easy adjustment of miling rift and peeling intensity
  • Sparing effect on grain
  • Low power consumption
  • Compact construction
  • Dust-free operation
  • Mechanical husks separations that aren´t fixed on kernel
  • Peeling non oily seeds, oil could contaminate peeling disc
  • Peeling especially some small seeds (millet, buckwheat) after their calibration

Technical data:
Machine type JHD 06
Performance t/h 0,2-0,6
Length mm 1505
Width mm 940
Height mm 1255
Input Power kW 4
Weight kg 480