JHI 05

JHI 05

JHI Impact Dehullers

JHI Impact Dehuller uses kinetic energy of impact of moving seed. Machine can be used for dehulling of sunflower seeds and other crops with hard shell, which can be separated during impact. Usage is also for dehulling cereals. For different material are available different types of impact discs.

JHI Impact Dehullers are used for dehulling of oilseed and cereals, where kernel is not firmly attached to shell. From oilseeds, for example, following crops can be dehulled: sunflower seed, hemp seed, moringa, pine nuts, cherry blossoms. From cereals, for example: oat, spelt, einkorn wheat, emmer wheat. Machine is not suitable for dehulling of seeds where the shell is firmly attached to kernel. For these type of material is preferable to use peeling machine JHP.

JHI Dehuller is used for dehulling of material that have already undergone cleaning and sorting (calibration). Dehulled material is mostly used for direct consumption of whole kernel, or other food or feed operations may be included.

After dehulling it is necessary to classify husks, kernel fragments, whole kernel and not dehulled grains. Capacity data applies to input material. To set optimal machine parameters is used motor controlled by frequency converter.

  • Low power consumption
  • Quiet operation without vibration
  • High efficiency
  • Easy machine adjustment
  • Dehulling of sunflower seeds for food or oil production
  • Dehulling of other oil crops, with shell that can be separated by impact (hemp, soya, rapeseed, moringa, pine nuts, etc.)
  • Dehulling of cereals (oat, spelt, einkorn wheat, emmer wheat)

Technical data:
Machine type JHI 05.1 LITE 05.2 PRO
Performance t/h 0,6-1,5 0,6-3
Length mm 860 860
Width mm 895 895
Height mm 1020 1020
Input Power kW 2,2 4
Weight kg 250 250
Low consumption and high efficiency.