Small Post-Harvest Line

The Small Post-Harvest Line is designed especially for small farmers as an economical alternative to more expensive and complex post-harvest lines. It is used to process agricultural commodities immediately after harvest and is able to process basically all common types of agricultural commodities such as cereals, legumes and oilseeds.

JK Machinery company is one of the most important Czech manufacturers of equipment for post-harvest crop processing. It offers its customers in many countries individual deliveries from one piece of machine up to a complete turnkey solution for post-harvest lines.

Description of the Small Post-Harvest Line

Set of Machines:

Cleaning is provided by the sieve cleaner VibroCompact JCC. This can be equipped with a JAC aspiration pre-cleaner to remove light impurities. The clean grain is cleaned with air in the aspiration box. The air extraction is provided by a JVR fan and the extracted air is cleaned by a JVC cyclone separator before being released into the air. The material is transported by screw conveyors. The cleaned material is bagged into large-volume big bags.

Lines of other technologies

Lines according to the processed material

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