Lines for Post-Harvest Processing

After the harvest of agricultural commodities, these commodities are received and cleaned or dried on post-harvest lines. The cleaned and moisture-dried commodities are then stored in storage silos.

JK Machinery company is one of the most important Czech manufacturers of equipment for post-harvest crop processing.

It offers its customers and business partners::

  • unique knowledge and more than thirty years of experience in designing of optimal solution
  • own “Factory Test Facility” for determination and the guarantee of the final performance and parameters of the equipment to be supplied
  • structurally innovative, sophisticated and extremely simple machines
  • solutions for small farmers, organic and eco farmers, but also for large businesses and food businesses
  • individual deliveries from one piece of machine up to a complete turnkey solution
  • putting into operation and staff training
  • warranty and post-warranty customer service

Lines of other technologies

Lines according to processed crop

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One of the first VibroMAX Cleaner (or its predecessor PVT) was installed in a well-known Prague mill and has been in operation almost daily for thirty years?