Line for Sowing Seeds Production

The line is used for the production (cleaning and calibration) of seeds.

Processed crops include: cereals (eg: wheat, barley, oats, rye, triticale, sorghum, rice), oilseeds (eg: sunflower, rape, flax, poppy, hemp, sesame, teff, milk thistle), legumes (eg .: peas, soybeans, lentils, beans, chickpeas, vetch, broad bean), grasses (eg: clover, purple tansy, alfalfa, ryegrass, timothy grass, fescue,), but also spelt, einkorn wheat, emmer wheat, buckwheat, millet , eragrostis – lovegrass, cumin, amaranth

JK Machinery company is one of the most important Czech manufacturers of equipment for post-harvest crop processing. It offers its customers in many countries individual deliveries from one piece of machine up to a complete turnkey solution for post-harvest lines.

Description of the Sowing Seeds Production Line

Intake and Pre-Cleaning:

Pre-Cleaner JCM VibroMAX is suitable for lines with a requirement for higher performance. It separates large impurities and small grain by sieves and aspiration pre-cleaning. For smaller businesses, one JCM VibroMAX machine is used for pre-cleaning and subsequent cleaning, which is variously set for pre-cleaning and subsequent fine cleaning of seeds.

Fine Cleaning:
Fine cleaning can be preceded by a de-awner. For fine cleaning, aspiration cleaning is used at the inlet and outlet of the material, as well as the cleaning itself. The resulting product is grains sorted by size (width and thickness). Subsequently, the material is sorted on Indented Cylinder JCT according to length to separate halves, fragment or round impurities from whole grains.

Final Cleaning:
The JGT Gravity Tables is used for the final sorting of material. For maximum seed quality, basis of different density separate dried grains, immature grains, beetle-eaten grains and optionally residues of heavy impurities.

Treatment and Packaging:
Well treated of the grain ensures good disinfection and protection. Seed treater always contains the dosing of material and mordant, the system of its application, mixing and drying. The finished sowing seed is usually bagged.

Lines of other technologies

Lines according to the processed material

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