Cleaning of Malt in a Brewery

The line is used to clean malt before shredding.

The line processes barley brewing malt, or other types of malt, such as wheat.
JK Machinery company is one of the most important Czech manufacturers of equipment for post-harvest crop processing. It offers its customers in many countries individual deliveries from one piece of machine up to a complete turnkey solution for post-harvest lines.

Description of the Line for Cleaning Malt in a Brewery

Intake and Cleaning:

The JCC VibroCompact Cleaner with aspiration is used to remove large impurities and abrasions. Subsequent aspiration removes light impurities.
Stones are separated by a JGD Destoner.

The cleaned malt is grinded in a vertical mill and then bagged or proceeded directly for further processing.

Lines of other technologies

Lines according to the processed material

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