Oat-meals and Groats Production

How the Lines for the Production of Oat-meals and Groats work

The most widespread and traditional material for the production of food and feed oat-meals is oats. It is a nutritionally very valuable and human healthy crop, which contains important amino acids, a very high amount of fats with a suitable ratio of saturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids and carbohydrates with
a high proportion of water-soluble fiber.

The production of oatmeal is a technologically relatively demanding milling process where, due to mechanical and hydrothermal processes, chemically stabilized flakes are produced from cereals intended for direct consumption or for further food processing, such as the production of muesli bars. Oatmeal must be chemically stabilized so that it can be stored for a long time without any change in quality. The technology is also able to flake other types of cereals, such as spelt or wheat.

For flakes of good quality it is necessary to choose a quality input raw material. For cleaning and separating admixtures are used basic machines Cleaner VibroMAX JCM, Destoner JGD and Indented Cylinders JCT.

This is followed by a peeling process, JHS Horizontal Scourers removes the coating and surface layer of grain containing mycotoxins such as aflatoxins or fusaria.

After the peeling process, the raw material intended for flaking is cleaned on a JCC VibroCompact sieve cleaner, where the skins and small impurities are removed. This is followed by the JGT Gravity Table as final cleaning, removal of non-standard grains, grains infested with pests or dry grains.

Prior to flaking on the flaking mill, the grain is hydrothermally treated so that it is properly boiled and chemical stability is ensured. This is done by steaming screw conveyors and a hydrothermal column with precisely controlled dosing of humidity and temperature. After flaking process, the flakes are dried to storage humidity.

Before being packed in bags, the flakes are passed through a control screen on a Cleaner VibroCompact JCC.