PVT – Cleaner

Vibration Screen Separator

Technical parameters for PVT – Cleaner

Vibration Screen Separator with attached aspiration channel is designed for cleaning and pre-cleaning of all agricultural crops from impurities and admixtures. Product is separated on the basis of different particals sizes (sieves cleaning) and different aerodynamic property (air cleaning).

MACHINE TYPE800100010201520
Industrial Cleaningt/h12255080
Fine Cleaningt/h6122540
Length (including aspiration channel)mm2300290032004200

Capacities are valid for wheat, bulk density 750 kg/m3, humidity max. 16%. Machine capacity for each types is changing by the humidity, content of impurities and machine adjustements.

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Machines are destined for high capacities and continuous run. Sieves are cleaned by rubber balls. Vibrations of machine box are deduced by a pair of electric vibrators.

Follow-up aspiration channel PAS removes light impurities and dust by air. Movable back channel wall allows accurate separation setting. Aspiration channel has built-in permanen magnet separates metal impurities. The casing construction of these machines together with air recirculation will prevent any dusting into given area.

It is possible to deliver the vibration grader or aspiration channel separately for various cleaning purposes. It is possible to deliver aspiration channel with air inlet, dust separator and with air fan. Integrated dust separator with air fan and air recirculation (in PASR) minimalized the consumption of electrical energy. Acording to request from purchaser are the machines equipped by sieves for cleaning different crops. Compact construction of machine box with vacuum mode of cleaning ensure dust-free operation.

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