KPS – Gravity Table

Gravity Table separator

Technical parameters for KPS – Gravity Table

Gravity table separator KPS are decicated for sorting materials with the same size of particals in different specific weight. These machines are used for cleaning sowing seeds and small seeds.

Small seedst/h0,2-1,20,5-2,6
Table area0,62,3
Input power - KPSkW0,370,37
Input Power - Air Fan*kW4,011,0

Capacities applies to input material, they are approximate and valid for usual impurities. Capacity of machine is changing according to cleaned material, content of impurities in raw material, humidity and machine adjustments

* Air fan input powe varies according to the cleaned materia. This above mentioned power is the maximum

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The machine presents higher degree of purification, better than sieve sorter with aspiration channel can offer. The final product is usually cleaned to purity exceeding 99,9 % of separatable impurities and admixtures.

It is based on working sieve from high quality and long durability plastic material. The air is driven under the sieve, thus ensuring lightening of sorted particles and creation of fluid bed.

On the sloping vibrating sieve is the material sorted according to specific weight of individual particles. On the machine is possible to set size of vibration (by frequency inverter), air amount created fluid bed, inclination in two mutually perpendicular directions. It is also possible to set the amount of feeding product, exact setting of individual fraction (slide curtain) and sieve coat by type of crop purified.

The sieve is possible to tilt in two mutually perpendicular planes.


  • Dynamically balanced patented drive construction causes lowe dynamic effects to the structures
  • Power saving operation
  • Easy and exact setup of machine specification
  • Quiet run
  • Reduced vibration
  • High cleaning quality (actual fluidized bed)
  • High quality and durability of coatings
  • Doesn´t damage classified grains
  • Not necessary vibration feeder


  • Small seeds cleaner
  • Mills for grain, rice and maize
  • Cleaners of poppy seed and small seeds
  • Lines for cleaning oats, rice (separation chaff grains)
  • De-hulling lines for grains, spelt, millet, buckwheat and sunflower seed
  • Food industry
  • Precise sorting of various grain products in industrial lines

The machine is possible to add with optional accessories:

  • Holders equipment
  • Aspiration table cover
  • Sucking airfan
  • Return screw conveyor
  • Remote control
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