KVOR – Destoner

Dry Destoner

Technical parameters for KVOR – Destoner

Dry Destoners KVOR is used to divide the stream of material into two fraction according to different specific weight. Material is brought to a sloped sieve, where the influence of the oscillation and flow of air leads to a fluidised bed and stratification graded material from light on the top to the heavy bottom.

MACHINE TYPE5008001200
Sieve Area0,51,01,5
Input Power - KVORkW0,50,51,1
Input power - Air FankW4,07,511,0

* Capacities are for wheat of bulk density 780 kg/m3 and impurity content to 4%

** Mentioned dimensions and weight are without the air fan

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Heavier material (stones) gets upward due to vibrations of sieve. Lighter material in the top layer (fluid layer) flows downward along the sieve on the surface layer of material. Clean product, as well as stones falls through the flaps into the outlet funnels. The stroke size, the slope of the sieve, angle of throw and the sucked up air flow must be adjusted according to the incoming material. This machine is capable to remove even admixtures with delicately different densities than grain, e.g. rape seed, which go to the same waste outlet as stones. Their proportion can be set continuously. Machine is by standard fitted with light impurities aspiration above outlet of sorted material. The final product is usually cleaned at 99,9% (impurities and admixtures which can be removed with this machine). It is necessary to clean the air exhausted from machine. The machine can be supplied with closed air circuit (air recycling system). It allows recycling internally up to 90% of air which reduces the amount of exhausted air to be cleaned in air filters or cyclones.


  • High efficiency
  • Small proportion and compact disposition
  • Easy operation, installation and commissioning
  • Minimal maintenance requirement
  • Easy adjustment of working parameters
  • Low power of consumption
  • Dust-free operation


  • Industrial Mills : destoning or dividing grain into light and heavy fractions
  • Malting plants and breweries: destoning of barley or malt
  • Plants for oat processing
  • Dehulling plants
  • Other food-processing plants
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