KMPO – Horizontal Scourer

Horizontal Scourer

Technical parameters for KMPO – Horizontal Scourer

Horizontal peeling or scouring machines are used for surface cleaning and peeling cereals or legumes before further processing.

MACHINE TYPE70010001200
Recommended type aspiration channel PASPAS500-300800-5001000-800
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The material fed into the machine must be cleaned, because of possible damage dehuller´s part. They are used e.g. in grain mills, where they exercise 1. and 2. grade cleaning. To remove peeled of grain is suitable to use aspiration box PAS.


  • Sparing effect on grain
  • Small sizes and compact disposition
  • Low power of consumption
  • Easy adjustment of intensity peeling
  • Dust-free operation


Machine series KMP are made in these modifications: KMPO, KMPL, KMPJ, KMPK, KMPH.

  • KMPO – surface cleaning of wheat, where part wrapping layers of grain and whiskers grains are removed
  • KMPL – intensive dehulling chaff, remove whiskers grains flaked etc.
  • KMPJ – Is used to remove barley awns
  • KMPK – removing the rest of whiskers grains and also caraway seeds
  • KMPH – dehulling or halving peas or soya
  • The machines can also be used for another operation such as e.g. polishing the surface of the rice.
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