KLS – Impact Dehuller

Impact dehuller

Technical parameters for KLS – Impact Dehuller

Sunflower seed huller is machine, which used on kinetic energy of flying seed impact. Machine is used for hulling sunflower and other crops with hard shell, which is separate on impact. For different material are available different types of crash discs.

Sunflower (for food purpose)t/h0,5
Sunflower (for oil pressing)t/h1,0
Motor powerkW3,0-4,6
To download
0,6 MB KLS

Sunflower seed huller is made in two desings. The machine series KLS-J are indentified for peeling sunflower for food purposes, where is the aim to achieve high output of whole kernels and small output of pulp. The machine series KLS-L are made for peeling before oil pressing, where is the aim to achieve maximum share of hulled peels at high output. On the machine must lead feedstock, which are freeded of impurities and admixtures, we recommende also to remove light grains. After peeling it is necessary to sort coat, fraction of nuclei, whole nuclei and hulled grains. The performance of machine is featured in feedstock. For settings of optimal specification of the machine is used engine driven by inverter.


  • Low electricity consumption
  • Silent operation without vibration and fibres
  • High efficiency
  • Easy machine setting



  • Dehulling of sunflower seeds for food purposes
  • Dehulling of sunflower seeds identified for pressing
  • Dehulling of commodities, their skin is separated by impact
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